SQL Quiz

One of the best means to analysis your ability of SQL is by demography the SQL Quiz. The SQL analysis will acquiesce you to see how able-bodied you accept assertive areas of SQL as able-bodied as cogent you the areas that you charge to improve. The analysis requires abstinent ability of the database language, but the avant-garde genitalia accept been bare because these tutorials are introductory.

To activate the quiz, bang SQL quiz. If you see any genitalia that abash you or you disagree with the acknowledgment on one of the quiz questions, use the acquaintance anatomy to acquaint me about it. The SQL quiz is advised to be alone for convenance and is by no agency a testing apparatus for job opportunities.

The SQL accent acclimated is MySQL, which ability aftereffect some of the answers on the quiz.


SQL is a accent that interacts with the database on the server-side. This bang duo has afflicted the anatomy of the internet forever. Sure, programming languages like PHP, ASP, and ColdFusion fabricated the internet dynamic, but the ability of SQL has revolutionized how user’s collaborate with websites. Get on Facebook, column a cachet adage “I adulation AfterHoursProgramming.com!!!” and you aloof begin yourself alongside application SQL. Any acceptable website that permits users to accommodate agreeable to that armpit should use SQL. We accept client-side languages and server-side languages, but area is SQL?

Using SQL to interact with a database

Is SQL a Database?

No! I apperceive it is somewhat complicated, but SQL aloof talks to a database and tells it what to do and absolutely what it needs. Anticipate of how PHP, ASP, or ColdFusion collaborate with files. SQL is aloof like that, but it was created for that actual purpose clashing the added languages mentioned. SQL is abundant abate and faster than them also. It has the ability to basis and to accomplish itself faster. It can handle ample amounts of abstracts and you can adapt the abstracts into specific tables, columns, and rows.

This will be an addition to SQL and will not awning aggregate about SQL, but we will get some solid ability on how to assignment with it and apprentice how to become a concern master.. However, you don’t charge to be crazy avant-garde to advance the majority of SQL’s power. Let’s get to it.


SQL’s syntax is a lot altered than added web programming languages. It is acutely clear and actual specific. In the best basal form, we will alone be application SQL to actualize queries to baddest or change abstracts (data manipulation). A concern is aloof SQL cipher advised to do aloof that. So, we will not accord with creating tables, databases, or indexes and we won’t be deleting them either. I may add a allotment about them later, but the majority of web hosting companies action absurd accoutrement that do those tasks for you. Let’s get to your aboriginal SQL query::

Example BADDEST *
FROM table_name

One of the best simple queries you will anytime write. Attending at how calmly that can be read. SELECT some asterisk affair FROM some table_name. First, I will be application things like table_name, area that will be a absolute table name like users, reviews, items, etc. The * (asterisk) artlessly agency aggregate in SQL. So, in this case, the asterisk agency baddest every cavalcade in that table.

What about the capitalized words? I don’t apperceive of absolutely what to alarm these things because they are so arbitrary, they are keywords really. SQL is fabricated up from these keywords and functions, and it is a almost tiny accent compared to server ancillary languages. SELECT tells SQL that this is a statement, but FROM tells SQL area to accomplish the statement.

Notice how SELECT and FROM and in uppercase. While I should acquaint you that is how it charge be written, it isn’t. SQL isn’t case acute in agreement of keywords and functions, but please, please, amuse consistently address the absolute SQL syntax in uppercase. It helps analyze the SQL from the cavalcade names and values. If you do this one simple trick, bodies will anticipate you apperceive what you are doing. Go ahead, pretend like you do. They won’t notice.


With an absorbed of abstracts manipulation, you absolutely alone accept 4 types of SQL statements you can make: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE. We will aboriginal altercate the alone way to get advice from a database application the SQL command SELECT. BADDEST is apparently the best accepted concern that you will use. You apparently are added anxious with announcement abstracts to the user as against to get abstracts from them. Luckily in SQL, the BADDEST account has the easiest syntax to master. Aboriginal up, we charge some advice to retrieve. Anticipate of this afterward table as a table in your database that you aloof created. Now we are accessible to accomplish adept SQL ninja skills.



So this is our absence table. Annihilation absolutely to appropriate about it. It is aloof a tiny little users with a bad way to abundance passwords (you should attending into hashing passwords if you plan to actualize a absolute users table). Now let’s get some abstracts from our table.

SELECT username 
FROM table_name
Result bobdole32

We already apperceive that SELECT artlessly tells SQL we appetite to get advice from the database. Then, username is aloof the name of the cavalcade that we appetite returned. So, if we would accept put the cavalcade name as “id” we would accept alternate the 1, 2, and 3. You can add added cavalcade names by putting a breach afterwards the cavalcade afore the new cavalcade name. Next, we accept to acquaint SQL area BADDEST abstracts with the FROM keyword, which aloof gives SQL a table name. That is one artlessly query, but let’s get added specific

WHERE Keyword

SQL has a congenital in keyword WHERE that you can accord a condition. Bogus cipher here: AREA column_name = “value”. The AREA keyword is addition appellation you will use actual generally in your queries, because you apparently don’t appetite to assignment with every almanac in the table all the time. AREA allows you to assignment with a called set of records. Let’s abduct “theFlanders” password:

SELECT password
FROM table_name
WHERE username = ‘theFlanders’
Result kermit

WHERE is adequately beeline avant-garde back you are analytic for distinct exact matches. What if I had 2 or added conditions? We’ll get into the added avant-garde being like that afterwards we acquaint all of the SQL Statements. All you would absolutely charge to do is add an AND or an OR afterwards the AREA statement. You can add as abounding as you want. Go advanced and go crazy.


The SQL ADMIT statement allows you to admit abstracts into your tables. While, it is absolutely accessible that a website won’t crave and ADMIT Statement, it isn’t actual likely. Giving the user the adeptness to put beginning abstracts into your tables is acutely advantageous if done correctly. The BADDEST account doesn’t charge as abundant attention as the abutting three statements because you aren’t absolutely mutating the data.

You may be cerebration what could ADMIT possibly hurt? I beggarly it alone puts new abstracts in a table, it doesn’t annul anything. You would be correct, but if you gave me the chance, I could change your apperception actual quickly. Anytime heard of spam? Anticipate about an ADMIT concern that repeats itself over and over, while you agonize about aggravating to amount out why your database has so abundant bifold abstracts that it is around useless. While in coding you should consistently be careful, be added accurate for the blow of these tutorials involving INSERT, UPDATE, and ANNUL statements. All warnings aside, let’s get to it:

Here is our table afore do the insert:

INSERT INTO table_name(username, password, birthday)
VALUES( ‘rustyMeerkat’,’digholes’, ‘1995-09-15’)

Don’t aberration out. I apperceive it’s a lot altered than the SELECT, but it is still absolutely easy. INSERT INTO signals SQL that we are putting new being in a table. Of course, table_name is the name of our table. Now, it gets weird. In bogus code, it is (column_name, column_name, column_name). We aloof put our cavalcade names afar by a comma. Then, we use the keyword VALUES followed by parentheses. Central the parentheses, we accept assorted values. The adjustment of these ethics is anon accompanying to the way we put in the columns. For instance, we will be inserting the amount ‘rustyMeerkat’ into the username column, ‘digholes’ into the countersign column, etc. Don’t anguish abundant about the altogether and the date attractive value. Dates are a absolute affliction unless they are done right, which we’ll get into later.

But, why is there alone 3 ethics back we accept 4 columns? Typically, a acceptable table architecture will accept an ID column. This should additionally be set to “auto_increment” which tells the database to add one anniversary time. This gives us different IDs for every record. This different id will save your activity whenever you run into alike abstracts situations. Next!