Introduction to SEO

Search Agent Access (SEO) is arguably the best difficult assignment for website creators. We accomplish these alarming websites, and we accept no solid way to allotment them with people. We additionally do not accept the affluence of a massive business budget. Do not get too bottomward on yourself. There is achievement for the baby developers like us. Google actively works to accompany users to the best website for their chase terms. That agency Google loves websites with abundant agreeable that are carefully accompanying to the user’s chase terms.

Wait you say… Google seems to accept a bent appear websites with a ton of links. In this world, it seems like the bulk of links is all that matters. False! Granted, links are apparently one of the best important metrics, but they do not authority the majority. Anticipate about how abundant being users chase for… millions of altered terms. These big name websites acutely can’t awning all those terms. You accept to acquisition your niche. Mine, unfortunately, is awash out by bags of developers that got the abstraction of creating a website for web development tutorials. No worries. You angle a abundant bigger adventitious than I do. Let’s booty an quick attending at what all factors into SEO.

SEO factors

  • Content
  • HTML
  • Architecture
  • Links
  • Social
  • Trust
  • Personal
  • Violations
  • Blocking

So basically, we accept 7 capacity that advice your website’s SEO, and we accept 2 capacity that decidedly aching your SEO. drafted an amazing angel “The Alternate Table of SEO Baronial Factors” for all of us that do not absolutely accept SEO (no one absolutely does besides the guys who actualize the chase agent algorithms), which is pictured below. We will altercate all of these little elements as we move through the SEO tutorials.

SEO Ranking Factors


Alexa Rank

What is the Alexa rank and why you should affliction about it? Alexa is one of the top websites that rank the acceptance of websites. While you can consistently see your own analytics application Google analytics, you accept no way of alive how you analyze to added websites. Well, that is absolutely area Alexa tries to appear in. The Alexa rank can be acclimated to analyze your website’s acceptance adjoin others. However, Alexa has a few agency in how it advance this rank. None of the agency are perfect, which agency Alexa is not alike abutting to actuality 100% accurate, but it does acquaint you added about your website than any added website can.

So, how do you get the bewitched number? One of the primary means Alexa determines your rank is by application the abstracts from users with the Alexa toolbar installed. Anniversary time they appointment your website, it will advice your rank. So what are the added ways? They do not absolutely accord us any information. Alexa aloof says their rank is bent by the Alexa Toolbar and added “diverse cartage abstracts sources”. So, how absolutely do we access our Alexa rank?

How to Access Alexa Rank

Install the Alexa Rank Toolbar on your computers

According to Chrome, there are alone about 250,000 bodies with the Alexa toolbar (Chrome Extension). Best of those users will be broadcast beyond abounding altered websites, so alike installing the toolbar on all of your computers could advice you. I accept that it advance your computer’s IP abode so downloading it for altered browsers on the aforementioned computer is useless. Of course, you will charge to appointment your website on these altered computers. Aloof installing the Alexa toolbar will not advice unless you absolutely appointment the website.

Ask your friends

I acclaim allurement your accompany to install the Alexa toolbar on their computer. Alike if you can alone get 10 accompany to install the toolbar, it will badly access your Alexa Rank. Again, your accompany charge to appointment your website generally for this to work. But, that should not be a botheration because your agreeable is abundant they appetite to apprehend it.

Ask your users

Finally, you ability appetite to accede allurement your users to install the toolbar to access your Alexa Rank. I accept this as the aftermost advantage because it is an annoying accountability to abode on your users. If your users absolutely adulation your content, they ability be accommodating to install it to advice you. However, I would not accomplish this a highlight on your website as it seems desperate. Accede agreement it afterwards all of your content.

That wraps up a few of the best means to access your Alexa Rank. Bethink it is appealing important for your website, but it is not the end of the apple if you cannot get a abundant rank. But, I would advance some austere time into convalescent it. Acceptable luck with your website and your Alexa Rank.

Website Directories

Web directories accept guided the internet about back the day it was born. Chase engines are amazing in these avant-garde times, but they still cannot apprehend or assort our websites effectively. Therefore, the alone advantage is to manually annals your website with a agglomeration of website directories that accommodate categories for your website. They accept categories based on what the columnist anticipation was relevant. You should consistently account this because if he alone capital to actualize a agenda for arts and crafts, obviously, my armpit wouldn’t be a acceptable fit for his directory.

It is important to accept that there are bags if not millions of website directories. I can acquaint you appropriate actuality and now that there is no acceptable acumen that you would charge to abide to added than 100 aerial affection directories. Don’t account your sites if the directories don’t accommodate a anatomy of alignment like categories because this will absolutely aching your chase agent ratings. Google will attending at that agenda and see a ton of different sites, which will anon acquaint Google, “Hey, this is a articulation farm.” Aloft award things like this, Google and added chase engines accord you a lower account in their algorithms.

DMOZ Directory

I am appreciative to say afterwards a acceptable continued action of aggravating to get in the Open Agenda Project, Afterwards Hours Programming assuredly has an entry. Yes, it is absolutely rewarding, but DMOZ has absent a lot of acclaim to chase engines like Google over the years. Google does use DMOZ to advice actualize descriptions and a few added things, but it is not about as able of a articulation as it acclimated to be. It ability be a bit anon to say this, but DMOZ’s PageRank is not any added able than addition aerial PageRank. Matt Cutt’s (the Google Guy) has alike discussed how Google uses DMOZ. So, if you can’t get in, it isn’t the end of the world. However, don’t stop aggravating admitting because it is still a appealing air-conditioned feeling.

Web Directories

Below is a accepted account of abundant web directories that acquiesce you to accommodate advice about your website and not aloof the url.

Google PageRank

If you haven’t heard about Google’s PageRank, you are missing one of the best important aspects of accepting college chase after-effects in my opinion. PageRank is basically a acceptance challenge for websites. The added links a folio gets the college the PageRank is for that accurate page. However, it is hardly added complicated than that. Let’s say we accept 2 pages. Folio 1 is, which has a absolutely aerial PageRank. Folio 2 is my page, acutely with a rather low PageRank. If Wikipedia was to articulation to your page, your PageRank would access by a abundant greater allowance than if my folio affiliated to you. Also, it isn’t artlessly about the cardinal of links either. If you had a ton of links from pages with low PageRanks, it still isn’t as acceptable as 10 pages with absolutely aerial PageRanks.

Often back discussing PageRank, bodies generally accredit to it with the allegory of a aqueous central of a container. In the ambience of this metaphor, the alembic is your absolute website, or alike a web page. The aqueous is this abstruse amount of accordant points. With anniversary and every articulation on your website or webpage, you are basically saying, “Let some of the aqueous breeze here.” Of course, this agency that the aqueous that leaves your folio to “flow” to added pages lowers the accordant credibility for your web folio or web site.

But, how do I accumulate the PageRank abstract on my page? Personally, I abhorrence this idea, but if you must… Abounding big and able sites like Wikipedia use the HTML aspect a aspect rel which is set to “nofollow” (Home). This will currently accumulate the chase engines from afterward the link;therefore, you accumulate the abstract central your container. But why action the juice? Why not the let aqueous breeze from folio to folio based on how you created it? You put those links on your folio to advice your users right? So, why is it that chase engines shouldn’t let those pages additionally accept some importance? Well, that is aloof my altercation adjoin it and I achievement to consistently accept a dofollow website.

As a final note, PageRank is a actual important agency in free area you appearance up in the chase results. That actuality said, it is technically accessible according to Google, that a folio with bigger agreeable and a lower PageRank ability be placed college in the chase after-effects than a folio with abhorrent agreeable and a actual aerial PageRank. Of course, this aloof shows that links aren’t aggregate abnormally in areas area their are not abounding competitors. Consistently bethink abundant agreeable is the best advantageous factor.



In SEO, agreeable should be your cardinal one priority. Alike if you do aggregate abroad and don’t accord abundant to this topic, you website will abort miserably. Users dig content, but they dig abundant agreeable alike more. What acceptable is a website that has no important content? It isn’t. If you accept appear to this website to attack to amount out how to advance a website with no content, abashment on you (unless it’s a web application). Let’s breach bottomward agreeable into its components:

  • Quality – Agreeable charge be able-bodied accounting and of aerial quality.
  • Research – Acquisition keywords that are ill-fitted for what you appetite to address about and stick with this controlled vocabulary.
  • Words – Use words and phrases that you apprehend users would chase for back attractive for your content.
  • Engage – Accomplish your agreeable agreeable and absorbing so they users will never appetite to leave.
  • Fresh – Anachronous agreeable stinks article fierce, actualize new active agreeable as generally as you can.

Now, we can altercate anniversary of these terms. Affection is simple. Don’t accomplish typos (unlike me) and anatomy your sentences well. Accede active your agreeable through spell blockage software like Microsoft Word. Also, do not actualize little tiny pages with beneath than a brace of paragraphs. On the cast side, do not actualize a massive certificate that has like 50 paragraphs.

Research and Words are one of those things that bodies about abort to do at the alpha and try to apparatus after (guilty). If you accept advised the Advice Architectonics tutorials, I altercate the accent of controlled vocabularies. Chase engines are absolutely clever, but let’s face it. They still do not accept the content. They alone see the words and maybe alike a album of the words, but they do not “understand” it as we bodies do. So, acquisition words that you anticipate your users will use to acquisition your agreeable and stick to application them. Do not actuality ever annoying with it, but try to use the controlled vocabularies area appropriate.

Engage and Beginning are both actual important to users. Back I use engage, I don’t beggarly you accept to accept your users actively accomplishing tasks. I beggarly be absorbing because you are and you aloof charge to accurate it in your writing. We all adulation account accessories that absorbing authors address and it makes us added affectionate of things like typos and added errors. Beginning agreeable is appealing self-explanatory. Actualize agreeable that is alarming as generally as you can. Google and users feeds on new content. Augment the Google Monster and augment your fans.