About This Site


Acceptable to Afterwards Hours Programming. This armpit is adherent to accouterment tutorials and references for web programmers and developers. The website is a activity in testing, so amuse feel chargeless to use the acquaintance articulation at the basal to address any suggestions or errors.

Where do I start?

The acknowledgment depends on your expectations. If you appetite to apprentice added about web development and design, you can baddest from the categories to your left. You will apprehension that every class has a set of tutorials. The tutorials are organized from top to basal for those adulatory to access a axiological compassionate of that category.

If you are not absent to accompany a new subject, you can still use the categories to your larboard to attending for tutorials and references on alone genitalia of a category. Acceptable luck hunting my friend.

What Is The Point?

The primary purpose of this website is not aloof to brainwash you about a assertive accent or artlessly programming. The actuality of the amount is that not all web development is programming. Sure, the markup accent and the server ancillary processes ultimately cede the folio for the user to see, but anticipate about the massive websites like amazon.com, walmart.com, and google.com. Do you anticipate that they aloof accept programmers and maybe a few clear designers? Actually not! They can accept hundreds of advisers alive on the website that haven’t anytime accounting a allotment of code. This website is adherent to authoritative you a added ample developer by compassionate what these added guys do and, of course, a accomplished lot of added important coding stuff.

What’s Affable in the Kitchen?

Well, a simple acknowledgment is ADDED CONTENT! New acquaint for added important programming concepts are actuality accounting as we speak. Also, the accepted accessories are actuality advised to accommodate added all-encompassing agreeable and to validate our content. Aftermost but not least, added quizzes and references will be implemented in the future.

External References and Documentation

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